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Episode 39 What is the Fastest Way to Earn Employee Trust?

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2020

Earning trust from your team is incredibly important. It helps bring your team along your side as you are trying to grow your business. When trust is mutual, amazing things can happen.  

If you want to earn their trust quickly, the most significant behavioral change you can make, is owning up to your mistakes. All of us make mistakes. While you might find it weak or undermining to confess to mistakes in front on your team, the truth is that doing so makes you relatable.  

How can your team trust you with tough information, hard conversations, or come to you with delicate questions that could be a make-or-break moment for the business… if they can’t trust you? 

If you’re a person that’s humble enough to own up and apologize when you do make mistakes, then your team will know they can trust you. Humility is one of the greatest traits you can have as a leader, as it makes you a trustworthy person.  

Set an Example of Moving...

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Episode 38 What Do Smart Bosses Do?

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

Employee development is important. We want our team to grow in their skills, abilities, and performance. So, what are the smart bosses doing in regard to building their employees up? 

They are encouraging mastery.  

We have discussed earlier in other blogs, the topic of motivation, and we know that highly motivated employees are beneficial. What drives that motivation? More than money, what each of us as individuals really want is to become a master of a craft— we want to be good at stuff.  

Encourage Mastery 

There are coal miners that right now, are going down mine shafts to work their shifts. They know that each breath they take, and each hour they spend working is shaving measurable time off of their life. Yet, they don’t leave or try to find alternative careers.  

Alternatively, within an office environment, there are plenty of people that know their office is an unhealthy place. They know that their boss isn’t healthy...

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Episode 37 A Management Style That Actually Works

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

There is a virtual cornucopia of management styles out there to choose from- each with their own benefits, strategies, and differences. Currently there is a trend in management that is working really well and generating powerful results.  

Behavioral science acknowledges the importance of how we are wired as individuals, how we operate, and how that changes as society evolves and changes. These considerations are also important to managers and leaders in the business world.  

Naturally, sometimes the style in which we manage also needs to adapt. Think of the management style an assembly line had. The management set atop an ivory tower, looking down at workers, and the law was do... or else. It was very task driven, and very much socially disengaged.  

This style of management has proven not to work any longer in our society- so what’s a management style that does work today? 

Being a Coach 

This is actually a management style that...

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Episode 36 How to Get Mission Minded Employees?

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2020

How do you go about getting employees that have a passion, are purpose minded, and are excited to be on mission? Particularly for administrative or task focused people, it can be difficult to get them passionate or focused on the larger mission at hand.  

By connecting the purpose or the why of your company, with the actions of those employees, you can transform them into mission minded workers. The best way to accomplish this, is through stories.  

Build Purpose Through Storytelling 

Mission, purpose, and passion. These are what you want all of your employees to be driven by, but it can be hard to instill in those admin workers that are doing the same thing day after day. To effectively communicate and develop this kind of motivation, you need to connect with your team on an emotional level.  

The first step is to have a united purpose for your company… which I have talked about in previous blogs and discussed with detail in my book. Then...

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Episode 35 What Do All Motivated Employees Have in Common?

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2020

What do self-motivated, driven, and productive employees all have in common? As leaders and managers, we naturally all want motivated and self-directed employees that can help grow the company and grow themselves at the same time.  

We all want a team that can plan ahead, look around the corner, and self-evaluate their work— to come up with solutions on their own, that can help the company and our customers.  

In a previous blog, we discussed what Mark Miller, one of the leaders at Chic-Fil-A, did to discover the common thread of high-performance employees. Ultimately, they brought in a third-party HR firm to evaluate their best employees and find out a single thing that top performers all had in common. The most motivated individuals were all forward thinking.  

Find Forward Thinking People 

When you’re hiring somebody, and they’re considering coming to work for you, the forward-thinking people will all ask similar questions....

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Episode 34 What Does Leadership Communication Require?

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2020


Effective communication is essential in leading your team, and there are various ways on what’s needed to have this type of communication.  

The goal when communicating to your team, is to not only have them understand what you’re asking them to do, but to have them actually act on it— and act on it consistently.  

This requires a single important thing on your part.  

Be Repetitive 

Many leaders have commented, and studies have reported, that repetition is key to lasting communication. It’s believed that it can in some cases take up to eight times for a person to fully absorb something, where they can act on that information in a consistent way. This means that repetition is very important. Let’s break the concept down into a smaller example. 

Think of something you want your team to get done within a single week, or even a day. Imagine how you would already go about it, based on your past experience, if...

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Episode 33 Leadership Examples

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2020

As a leader, you should have an idea of the habits or character traits you wish your team members to exhibit. The best way to grow those in your employees, is to mirror that behavior yourself. Show them with your actions, how you want them to approach their work.  

Asking people to behave a certain way without doing so yourself, just won’t work.  

Shaping Your Employees to Become Better People 

In an earlier episode, we covered how to get your team to follow instruction and do what you need them to through clear and simple communication. If you haven’t seen that one, definitely check it out.  

However, sometimes what you need goes a bit further— what if you want to change an employee’s habits? What if you want them to act on the character traits you want them to have? 

Getting your team to fall into positive and productive habits requires you to be the example. The best way is to show them what you want them to...

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Episode 32 The Struggle with Employee Management

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2020

Episode 32 The Struggle with Employee Management 

There can definitely be some struggles with employees. What’s the biggest one?  

How do you manage your employees in a way that they do what you want them to do… and more importantly, how do you get them to perform those desired actions correctly 

While this can seem to be an obvious issue, the resolution isn’t always clear, and it can certainly be frustrating when you’re dealing with the problem. You might find yourself wondering if you have the right people on your team after all, as you ask why they aren’t listening, or why don’t they care enough to listen.  

Simple and Clear Communication 

You need to make sure that you communicate clearly, and in a simple way. @EntreLeadership on Instagram recently published a creative infographic about the four must-dos about communicating clearly; 

  1. Prepare Beforehand 
  1. Understand Who Will Be Receiving...
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Episode 31 Don’t Act on Your Emotions

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2020


Leadership Traits 

There are so many people out there searching for great leadership traits- a business owner, boss, manager, or even a parent. Regardless of your role, I’m certain on some level you’re looking how you can lead betterand what you’re finding in your search likely isn’t consistent or cohesive.  

In my opinion, there is one universal thing you can work on that’s sure to improve leadership ability during those tense, stressful, and critical times in your day— and that is curbing your emotions.  

On Donald Miller’s Business Made Simple show, he was quoted saying that “nothing kills your career faster than your inability to control your emotions”. When I look back at some of my biggest mistakes in leadership, they all tend to be the result of letting my emotions control my actions.  

Emotions are great, but you have to be careful how you act on them, especially when you...

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Episode 30 How to Get Employees to Engage

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2020

Employee Performance 

How do you get your employees to engage? Overall getting workers to do the things you know they need to do to get your business to succeed, is a common universal issue for just about every business.  

When talking to owners and operators, it appears this is a struggle for everyone at some level. My interpretation is that this struggle exists because we’ve got it backwards.  

As leaders and managers, we have the process backwards. After hiring, we expect first for an employee to behave and work as needed, then we expect that employee to develop a liking to the company and their work, so that finally that person will grow into a sense of belonging to the company.  

Unfortunately, that’s not how the human brain works. If we’re to understand how to get our team members to positively engage to support our business goals, then we need to reverse that process and first create a sense of belonging to our...

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