Episode 32 The Struggle with Employee Management
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Episode 32 The Struggle with Employee Management

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2020

Episode 32 The Struggle with Employee Management 

There can definitely be some struggles with employees. What’s the biggest one?  

How do you manage your employees in a way that they do what you want them to do… and more importantly, how do you get them to perform those desired actions correctly 

While this can seem to be an obvious issue, the resolution isn’t always clear, and it can certainly be frustrating when you’re dealing with the problem. You might find yourself wondering if you have the right people on your team after all, as you ask why they aren’t listening, or why don’t they care enough to listen.  

Simple and Clear Communication 

You need to make sure that you communicate clearly, and in a simple way. @EntreLeadership on Instagram recently published a creative infographic about the four must-dos about communicating clearly; 

  1. Prepare Beforehand 
  1. Understand Who Will Be Receiving Communication 
  1. Listen 
  1. Be Clear 

These four attributes to effective communication work together to ensure that what you have to say, is relevant to your audience, otherwise it won’t connect. Depending on individual personalities, or even job roles, people will take in information in different ways. In addition to relevance, every single piece of communication you make needs to be precise.  

There are times where I may be about to take on a really large endeavor. In my business, I believe constantly changing and mixing up how we do things is crucial to keep up to society— especially in the financial sector with customer experience.  

Some of these changes can be really big and complex. That means my team is already predisposed to frustration. When I make an announcement where I list out every little detail, order every aspect of the new system by sub-section, accompanied by a summary of every topic, I am over explaining.  

Not only is it way more text than anyone has the time or desire to read, it’s not precise, and I’m not being simple… I’m not communicating it clearly.  

If you’re also making this mistake, and you continue to do so, you will always have the biggest struggle of employee management, which is getting your team to do what you say.  

This Week’s Take Away 

Do you send out long drawn out emails when you ask somebody to do something, with multiple paragraphs?  

This week I ask you to identify areas where your communication is over complicated. Find ways where you can reduce and clarify— making it clear and simple.  

Maybe that means writing out an email with bullet points instead of long passages. Or reducing lengthy slack messages to just some short phrases or keywords.  

Do you have regular town halls, talk on stage, or send audio/video messages to your team to communicate a point? How long are you talking for? Odds are, your twenty-minute presentation can be reduced to 2 minutes and still convey all the necessary information. The difference is then your team will be more apt to take action.  


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