Hiring Your First Employee
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Hiring Your First Employee

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020

How To Hire Your First Employee

How exciting! It is a fantastic place to be in when your business is growing so much that you have an absolute need to hire more staff. After your first steps of Googling hiring best practices you’re faced with a choice of what type of person to hire and for which role.

What is the role you hire for first? Sales people, administration, or some kind of other support role? Before you can decide of who you hire first, you need to do one thing.

Staff Your Weaknesses

This is something Donald Miller says all the time, and I am one-hundred percent in agreement. Before you can even think of hiring your first employee you need to make sure that you are evaluating your own weaknesses.

In order to do this, you must know yourself. Become aware of what you’re good at, what you’re bad at, what you enjoy doing, and what areas of your business that you really tend to put off. Maybe they’re areas where you have some increased friction, or where you receive some negative feedback.

Make sure when you have other people coming in, you give yourself the opportunity to focus on those aspects where you make a positive impact. It lets you continue doing what you do best, and directly supports the specific reasons your business grew so much in the first place.

Don’t Hire Someone Like You

If you are really good at sales, you don’t need to hire another salesperson. One of the most common fears to face is the thought that if you hire someone for a specific role, what happens when they become better at it than you? Some business owners are afraid they might hire employees that exceed their own abilities.

What I find people confused about, is thinking that when their staff grows in ability and skillset as an owner of the business they might somehow lose their voice or value. This is 100% false.

In my own business I have obviously taken on many roles from originating mortgage loans, and virtually endless other tasks and I can confidently say the people on my team are better than me at every level. These people are way better at their jobs than I ever was, and are constantly breaking records. I’m not threatened by this, I’m thrilled.

Increase Your Rate of Success

The superior ability of my team members and my staff gives me the air cover to focus on the other tasks that can pinpoint upcoming issues and establish strategies for continued growth.

Employees that become better than you, particularly in the roles you are weak in, will be a blessing to your business.

This Week’s Take Away

Take a look at your own weaknesses. This week, try to identify the areas in your business where you are performing with the least efficiency. Instead of continuing to waste time or expend effort that’s honestly taking your value away from what you should be working on; make your next hire someone who can do those things for you.

When you focus on the things you’re good at, and you enjoy doing. Your business growth will continue to rise.


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