Episode 35 What Do All Motivated Employees Have in Common?
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Episode 35 What Do All Motivated Employees Have in Common?

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2020

What do self-motivated, driven, and productive employees all have in common? As leaders and managers, we naturally all want motivated and self-directed employees that can help grow the company and grow themselves at the same time.  

We all want a team that can plan ahead, look around the corner, and self-evaluate their work— to come up with solutions on their own, that can help the company and our customers.  

In a previous blog, we discussed what Mark Miller, one of the leaders at Chic-Fil-A, did to discover the common thread of high-performance employees. Ultimately, they brought in a third-party HR firm to evaluate their best employees and find out a single thing that top performers all had in common. The most motivated individuals were all forward thinking.  

Find Forward Thinking People 

When you’re hiring somebody, and they’re considering coming to work for you, the forward-thinking people will all ask similar questions. They will be concerned with how they will grow with your organization, or how will they be stretched and challenged to grow their abilities, or if there will be opportunities for cross training or movement into different roles.  

Forward thinking people are motivated because they exist outside of the here and now and day to day, because they have thoughts about their own future. They are self-aware and understand that their current actions do have an effect on the future. They want to have a bigger impact and a preferred future, so they tend to make more thoughtful decisions.  

This Week’s Take Away 

Are you creating a place where you have answers to those questions that forward-thinking people will ask during the interview process? How do you think you can establish a forward-thinking company culture? This week think about those questions.  

How would you answer those questions right now? How will I grow with you? How will you stretch me? What opportunities will I have? 

Do you have any of those answers written down? You need to figure out how to create a culture that is attractive to forward thinking people, but also you need to write down answers to the questions that those top talented individuals are going to ask when they start thinking of working for you.  

Do you have a process where employees can apply to new positions before making them available to the public? Are you in a place where your company is creating new positions? Do you have a system in place that helps educate your team? Are you offering mentorship for your forward-thinking employees?  

These are all questions that motivated people have in common, so create a space where they not only have answers, but where they can act on it.  


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