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An Online Course to Help You Build a Company Culture of Thriving Employees

Get The Right Talent • Maximize Employee Performance • Grow Your Business



"Wow! I am really impressed with the program. I love how you showed the meaning behind the concept and then gave practical actionable items to implement. I literally want to spend the rest of the day watching this. So far two giant thumbs up!"

Billy Wagner
Owner - Brightway Insurance

According to Deloitte, 87.7% of employees underperform. You deserve better.

Imagine if your employees loved their job, and made extraordinary efforts to make your business succeed. Sound crazy? This course will make it a reality.

• Are you frustrated with employee effort?

• Do you spend too much time executing low value tasks?

• Does your staff pay more attention to the clock than the customers?

• Are you ready to stop working in your business and start working on your business?

• Do you struggle finding great employees?

• Are you unsure how to properly manage people?

• Do your employees make you angry more than they make you proud?

• Would you like to delegate less valuable tasks so you can go to the next level?


Not just task completion specialist, but high performers with an ownership mentality. That way you can put yourself in the CEO position and add real value to your business - executing vision and growth strategies. Break free from the chains of the day-to-day tasks. Stop working IN your business, and start working ON your business. Get Culture Course so you can learn how to build a trusted team of thriving people who work with a sense of responsibility.

  • Step-by-Step processes
  • Checklists
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Comparison Guides
  • Worksheets
  • Copy/Paste Resources

Go Beyond Theory

This course is more than a new way of thinking. 

Culture Course provides step-by-step action items that get results.

Anyone Can Do It And It Works For Any Business



Learn the secrets to creating a winning culture.


Apply step-by-step tactics that boost employee performance.


Enjoy your reliabile team for your scalable business.

Stop being an Owner/Operator • Become an Owner/CEO

Do you have frustrating and unexpected expenses related to employees?

A strong company culture creates over 700% more revenue. 

According to a deep dive study done by Harvard, and an independent study done by the authors of "Corporate Culture and Performance". 


What makes CULTURE COURSE so different?

The Culture Course framework is revolutionary because it teaches you what truly motivates people, and how to get the most out of your team. This is NOT traditional business management. Culture Course is based on thousands of behavioral science studies that America's most profitable companies are already following. 


"I was spending way to much time working in my business, and not enough time working on my business. As a result, my growth was limited. I was tired of being the owner, operator, sales, recoptionist, and janitor. I tried hiring people in the past, but it never panned out. The Culture Course framework help me hire talented people, and provide for them an environment where they excel. I now have a renewed sense of joy in my business as I am able to spend time doing the work I want to, not the work I have to."

Nick Ayers
Business Owner - ThriveSure Insurance Solutions


Copy/Paste resources, worksheets, guides, check lists, and walk-troughs that help you:

  • Hire top talent
  • Create a self directed team
  • Manage compensation
  • Fire bad apples
  • Establish accountability

What's Your Investment

How much is your culture costing you? How high are your employee related expenses? How many profit opportunities are being wasted due to lack of employee productivity? How many days do you manage employee issues rather than growing your business? How much longer do you want to over work yourself because you dont have a trusted and reliable team? A winning culture is already costing you a great deal.



12 modules with over 6 hours of video run time leading you through the Culture Course framework.

PDF workbooks to maximize knowledge retention.

Video walkthroughs of processes and proceedures.

Immediate action steps after each module for instant success.

Plug and play systems for easy implementation.

Checklists to help make sure you are doing it right.


"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"

Peter Drucker
The founder of modern management

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